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Everyone wants to be beautiful, and your wedding day is no exception. At Jane Everwell K-Beauty Bar, conveniently located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, all makeup and styling are customized to each client's profile and desires.

​​We offer K-beauty-inspired professional makeup and hair-styling services for weddings, special occasions as well as permanent makeup services. You can arrange a hair and makeup trial before your wedding to ensure a smooth process on the big day. We proudly care for all hair types, striving to make you feel like your most beautiful self. ​​With an experienced team built up of talented beauty experts, we're always ready to bring your vision to a sweet reality!

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Meet the Founder

This is Jane

Founder & Director

Jane's fascination with beauty began back in her art school days when she got caught up in the magic of a bride's first look in her wedding gown. That moment sparked something deep inside her—a desire to make those wedding dreams come true using her artistic talents.

She threw herself into mastering the art of hair and makeup, hopping between Korea and New York to learn different techniques and refine her skills. Jane's passion for beauty knows no bounds; she's now traveling the world, teaching workshops and staying on top of the latest trends.

Fast forward to today, and Jane has turned her dream into reality with the opening of Jane Everwell Beauty Bar. It's a place where her years of experience and dedication to perfection come together to create beauty that's truly one-of-a-kind. So, if you're looking for a little beauty pick-me-up, you know where to find it!



- Nail License, NY State         

- Beauty Makeup School, NYC         

- NJ Miss Korea Makeup, NJ



- Wedding Makeup Artist, NYC&NJ         

- Missha Launching Show Makeup Artist, NYC         

- Missha Soho Opening Event Makeup Artist, NYC         

- Missha Soho Halloween Makeup Show Artist, NYC



- S/S Fashion Show Makeup Artist, NYC         

- Annual NY Korean Community Wedding Expo Makeup Artist, NJ&NYC


- Iris Makeup & Spa Salon Main Hair Artist, NJ


- Miss Korea Makeup Team, NYC2012

- Nature Republic Launching Makeup Artist, NYC         

- Fashion Show Makeup Artist, NYC2014

- Dream Catchers Hair Extension Certification, NYC



- Nature Republic Launching Event Makeup Artist, NYC         

- Nature Republic Flushing Branch Launching Event Makeup Artist, NYC         

- Tattoo License, NY State         

- Jane Everwell Makeup Studio, Soho, NYC



- Pyongchang Olympic NY Event, Metropolitan Museum, NYC         

- Soprano Sumi Jo Main Hair & Makeup Artist         

- The 9 Tattoo Certification, Seoul, S. Korea2018 - Line Tattoo Open, NYC



- Two Brow NY President, NYC         

- AAM Gold License2020

- Adjudicator for the 23rd KBWF & WFCA Judge, Seoul, S.Korea



- Two Brow NY Fort Lee NJ/ Jane Everwell Fort Lee Open

Meet the Team

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