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Jane Cho

Founder & Director


When Jane was an art student, she saw a bride in a wedding dress for the first time in her life.

From that moment, she's developed a deep vision of helping brides create their dream wedding. Traveling back and forth from Korea and New York, she's studied hair and makeup, learning technique after technique. Fast forward to today, she found her own special beauty space: Jane Everwell Beauty Bar.


Jane has been consistently building her skills through countless events and weddings for the past 15 years, collaborating with many artists and continuously working on new concepts and styles to emphasize individual beauty. As she has accumulated experience over a long period of time, she is an artist who properly grasps the needs of all her clients and works tirelessly to find their own style by making effective conversations and understanding the final vision.

To this day, she has her heart set in creating the best moments for everyone's special day as well as their every day.

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